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AboUT  The  EXHibiTioN 


6 - 31 Jan 2023

(Except 21-22, 28-29 Jan)


Opening Hours

10:30 am - 4:30 pm



Block 3C, The Art Gallery,

National Institute of Education,

1 Nanyang Walk, Singapore 637616

iNTRoDuCTioN  To The  EXHibiTioN 

With an exciting and important international focus The Art of Creative Research showcases a range of works by academic staff from six influential Universities in the fields of art and design and art education.


The exhibition features practice-based research in a range of media, by fifteen staff from The Education University of Hong Kong, The National Institute of Education (NTU), Singapore and from The Arts University Bournemouth, the Royal College of Art, Cambridge University, and University College London, in the UK.


It is the first event in a collaboration that grew from a discourse about art practice as academic research, its nature and beneficial impact. The exhibition showcases and celebrates individual creative works, in a range of media, and additionally explores the impact that this creative practice has on enhancing the value of the student experience, on building connections between educational institutions, the creative industries, and local communities. The exhibitors share their work and aspects of their simultaneous multi-identities as Artists/Designers, Academic Researchers/Scholars, and Educators/Teachers.


Professor Laurence James Wood

Project Leader, CCA Research Impact Enhancement Initiative

July 2022

With art education being a dialogic experience, the invitation to be involved in a collaborative exhibition which prioritises the art of the academic as a central and meaningful component to academic practice, presented as a timely, exciting, and relevant opportunity to us here at NIE. As Donal O’Donoghue (2021), Senior Editor of Studies in Art Education, recently alluded art education is a travelling experience; it can be a place to explore and move through vulnerabilities, it can be a space to make sense and learn or challenge and question, it can be a means to move intellectually, physically, and affectively and it can be a journey away from familiarity.

So, for us this exhibition is means to collectively travel through current concerns about the value afforded to art as an academic research and educational pursuit. For many of our team involvement in art shapes our pedagogy, it acts as a means’ to explore research endeavors, disseminate them and diversify our research directions. But art engagement as academics also brings joy and complexities to the surface, sometimes art provides a reflective space, a place for flow or solitude to deliberate academic experiences and at other times it puts our multiple identities, personal and professional choices, and outputs into dispute.  
This celebratory exhibition of academic art therefore acts as an intersectional space, where personal, cultural, theoretical, and interdisciplinary connections, opinions and expressions are explored as research. The art, as research, shown plays with the junctures between these acts to different extents, do join us to extend debate, create dialogue and travel around and beyond the creative (artistic and research) pursuits of our academic participants!

Dr Heaton Rebecca 
Assistant Professor, The National Institute of Education
July 2022

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